Your next campaign needs to start with Facebook

Your next campaign needs to start with Facebook The habit has trained our brains to make illogical marketing choices when all the evidence suggests that Facebook is the most efficient way to spend the budget.
No matter how agnostic in our channel we want to be, or if we market ourselves as "full service," "traditional," "creative," or "digital," each person has a natural starting point. A default setting. A "formed idea" that comes to mind, almost effortlessly, in trying to demonstrate how an insight, an idea, a creative spark can come to life. This "formed idea" could be anything from a little YouTube video to an affiliate ad or digital banner ..
Of course we should stretch our range of advertising to go the way of marketing. But we always have a means of popularization.
Over time, our preferred means of disclosure becomes consistent, and then, after a while, it becomes predictable. Not because of laziness actually, it is j…